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100 Gram Valcambi Cast Gold Bar (New w/ Assay)


Weight: 100 grams (3.215 troy ounce)

Purity: 99.99% Gold

Brand: Valcambi

Lowest Price: $3999

Condition: New

Shipping: Free International Shipping



When it comes to investing in precious metals, gold cast bars are typically viewed as a safe bet. While minted ingot bars offer the same intrinsic value, the upfront cost of these products often exceeds that of cast bars without the benefits investors are looking for in return. The 100 Gram Valcambi Cast Gold Bar is available for purchase today from JM Bullion as a new product.

Bar Highlights:

  • Ships to you in a protective plastic sleeve with Assay card.
  • Available as a new product.
  • Contains 100 Grams (3.215 Troy oz) of .9999 pure gold.
  • Obverse designs only.
  • Individually serialized.
  • Struck privately by Valcambi Suisse.

Investors have a choice when it comes to gold bars to purchase as a means of protecting their hard-earned wealth. The primary benefit of cast bars is the London and Comex Good Delivery Standards that are often strictly applied to cast bars.

While minted ingots have the same metal content and purity levels as cast bars, they are often not available in the same range of sizes as cast bars. On top of that, 100 Gram Valcambi Cast Gold Bars and other cast bars are more affordable because the production process is less complex.

Each of these 100 Gram Valcambi Cast Gold Bars is available to you as a brand-new product from Valcambi Suisse. The bars ship in sleeves to protect their original condition from the mint and include identifying markers valued by investors.

On the obverse of the 100 Gram Valcambi Cast Gold Bar are the only markings you’ll find on this product. These are arranged horizontally from left to right, and include the logo, refinery name, year of issue, purity, metal content, weight, and individual serial number of the bar.

Valcambi Suisse cast gold bars for Good Delivery feature a two-letter, five-number serial code that must be included on the bar itself in order to meet these standards for investing. The metal content, purity, and weight of each 100 Gram Valcambi Cast Gold Bar is guaranteed by Valcambi Suisse.

Originally opened in Balerna, Switzerland in 1961 as Valori & Cambi, Valcambi Suisse exists in its current form today following its 1968 acquisition by Credit Suisse. Though the latter has sold its stake in Valcambi Suisse, it was responsible for bringing the refinery up to London and Comex Good Delivery standards.

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